Progressive Activists Launch PAC to Support Candidates for Local Office


Boston, MA, June 2, 2017 – Progressives from across the state are launching a new political action committee (PAC) to raise money and provide support to Democrats running for local offices. “Progress351 PAC was established because the election of progressives to school committees, charter commissions, select boards, and city councils is essential to the advancement of progressive policies,” says Scott Spencer, a lawyer and Democratic activist who co-founded the PAC. Supported by a steering committee comprised of activists from across Massachusetts, Progress351 intends to employ grassroots fundraising to support progressive candidates that would otherwise not be financially able to compete in local elections.

“In order for Massachusetts to continue to be a national leader on issues like criminal justice reform, civil rights, health care, and income inequality we need to provide support to the next generation of progressive leaders at the local level,” says PAC co-founder and progressive activist Joe Spencer.

The PAC has the ambitions goal of raising enough money in its inaugural year to provide support to at least ten candidates running for local offices this fall.  For more information about Progress351, to donate, or to apply for support from the PAC, go to

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